About Petroglyph

The original paint-your-own pottery studio

Our Story

Petroglyph was the pioneer of the do-it-yourself movement. The company was created in 1993 and the first Petroglyph opened in Santa Cruz, California followed by studios in Los Gatos, Roseville, and Willow Glen.

In 2012 we opened Glow Candle Lounge, our first candle-making studio, in Willow Glen. It's thriving and a great additional activity to Petroglyph, right next door.

Petroglyph is a modern day place to gather. All of our lounges are comfortable and inspiring spaces where people can spend time with friends, create interesting and useful objects, and express themselves.

After 29 years, Petroglyph is proud to be the original Ceramic Lounge™ studio and we remain privately-owned and operated by the founder.

A petroglyph is a prehistoric drawing or carving on rock. The dictionary definition is “writing on stone” and is often described as “rock art.” We like the association: the Stone Age was a magical time in history when people lived in small communities, communicated without writing, and lived in harmony with the Earth.

More importantly: a petroglyph is a personal statement, a form of individual expression, storytelling, and creativity. It seemed a perfect and fitting name.

So leave your mark on the place where you live, and personalize your presence.

Meet the Founder

Jennifer Rubin

Originally from the East Coast, Jennifer moved to Southern California after college. In L.A. she worked in the film industry in production for Paramount and Disney studios. It was there that the original concept for Petroglyph was born. That inspiration, coupled with the desire to start a family, prompted a move to Santa Cruz.

With the firm belief that all of us should have creativity and bold expression in our lives, Jennifer founded the first Petroglyph studio in Santa Cruz, CA in 1993. Her vision was to build a stylized space for adults and children to ideate, socialize, and paint original ceramic pieces. She soon opened additional stores in Los Gatos, San Jose, and Roseville.

Jennifer also led the expansion of another original concept to explore candle making and launched the highly-successful Glow Candle Lounge in December 2012 adjacent to Petroglyph in Willow Glen. Jennifer’s philosophy behind the extension into candle-making is her resounding conviction that socializing around a creative endeavor is a wonderful shared and meaningful time.

General Pricing

Our pricing is straight-forward. We have a single Studio Day Pass that covers all of your supplies, kiln firing, and support by our trained staff. Beyond that, each ceramic piece has its own price – ranging from $5 to over $50.

Children (12 and under) $13
Adults (age 13+) $15

The Studio Day Pass may also be used at any of our locations, including Glow Candle Lounge the day of purchase.

Contact Us

Business Office


125 Walnut Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Store Locations

See our locations page for studio hours and contact information.

The Petroglyph Experience

What’s it like to make your own art? We’ll walk you through the steps of expressing yourself through making custom, one-of-a-kind ceramics.