Painting at Petroglyph is fun and easy.

Simply come inside, find a table and let your experience begin.

1. Choose your piece

Select from an ecclectic array of hundreds of ceramic pieces, from simple dinnerware, plates, bowls and mugs, to figurines, fairy castles and jewelry boxes.

2. Pick your paint

Step up to our paint kiosk! There are more than 80 vibrant colors to choose from, a huge assortment of brushes and tools, and all the creative resources you'll need to bring your idea to life.

3. Create

Let the fun begin. Jump in and get painting.
Let your creativity run wild.

The Process

When you’re done painting – which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours – we’ll glaze your piece, then fire it on-site in our professional ceramic kilns.


We let your piece dry fully which allows colors to be their brightest after firing. Next, we dip it in glaze. The glaze is actually liquid glass. It gets molten in the high temperatures of the kiln and is what creates the shiny, glassy finish.


Once glazed, your piece will be loaded into the kiln to be fired. Kiln temperatures reach an excess of 1800 degrees, and pieces are fired up to 8 hours. The firing time is determined by the size and number of pieces in the kiln. Once the firing is complete, the cooling process begins.


The cooling time is double the firing time. Typically, it takes up to 16 hours for pieces to cool to room temperature. When pieces are unloaded from the kiln, our staff carefully hand polishes off any sharp bits of glaze that sometimes form during the firing process.

This is all part of the professional process that brings your beautiful, food-safe piece of ceramic art to reality. Most pieces can be picked up 2-3 days after you finish painting. The specific date and time that your piece will be ready for pick-up will be highlighted on your receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a project?

Plan on an hour or two for a full session in the studio. Your studio pass is good all day.

How long until I can pick-up my finished piece?

We print on your receipt the time we guarantee your piece will be available - usually two to three days from the time you complete it.

Is my piece foodsafe? Microwave safe? Bake safe?

The paints and glazes we use are all approved as lead-free and food-safe. This means that no toxins leech into the foods and liquids that come in contact with the surfaces. In general, earthenware such as the kind you paint at Petroglyph is microwave safe, but not for ovens. Large and quick shifts in temperature can cause ceramics to crack and are not recommended.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing is straight-forward. We have a single Studio Day Pass that covers all of your supplies, kiln firing, and support by our trained staff. Beyond that, each ceramic piece has its own price – ranging from $5 to over $50.
Children (12 and under) - $13
Adults (age 13+) - $15
The Studio Day Pass may also be used at our other locations including Glow Candle Lounge the day of purchase.
*Studio fees may vary by location

Can I bring in food?

Absolutely. Many people bring snacks or pick up a bite nearby and nibble while they paint. Because the paints and materials are all food-safe, there are no risks with having food in the area.

Are all Petroglyph studios related or are you a franchise?

Petroglyph is a privately-owned business, and none of our studios are franchises. This allows us to maintain quality and consistency throughout our regional business.

Get Inspired

Creating your own custom ceramics is easier than you think. Check out our Inspiration page. It’s full of great ideas to ignite your creativity.