Meet Bodhi

If you come to Petroglyph often enough, you'll see our dog Bodhi.

A funny story about Bodhi -

We were moving and had put all of the stuffed animals from my daughters room in one big pile. We left for lunch and upon our return, Bodhi had plucked out of this enormous pile, three build-a-bear animals.

He had specifically chosen those. Normally, when he gets a stuffed animal, he chews it to shreds within hours.

We noticed he'd carry these bears around and lie his chin on it like a pillow. When someone came to the door he’d get excited, go grab a bear and greet our visitor as if showing off his new friend. Like a toddler with a comfort animal, Bodhi carries these bears around with care and gentleness.

The last bear finally got worn out. We celebrated Bodhi’s birthday this year by going to Build-a-bear and giving him a new one.  

Clearly, his new friend has been warmly welcomed into the fold.

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